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A French site for small boats, many model boats, lots of model boats... but WHAT boats!!!.

Reduced models, of any type:

  • Some can navigate in a simple pail, and weigh a couple of onces,
  • Others.....are 6 feet or longer (nearly 2 meters), and weigh 75 pounds (30 kilos),
  • Others will never touch water... they will sail full spead ahead on your fireplace mantel, according to the devoted expression,

  • Others are built from specification of real boats or model class boats, or build according to the idea of the designer,
  • And finally others bought in stores, put together and personalized yourself.

Contacts :

  • E-mail to the webmaster:ecrire_1 ...your ideas will be welcome.
    • Mail adress :Pipec95(A)yahoo.fr replacing (A) by @.

Information from the Hippocampe's club or boat models :

  • E-mail to HIPPOCAMPE: ecrire_1
    • Mail adress :hippo.cergy(A)yahoo.fr replacing (A) by @.

More infos on :

page agenda

page infoclub

page compet.

page Photos

For all our dates for events and regattas this year :

  • Sails regattas,
  • Steam & old sailing boats (VAV)
  • Annual Club Show
  • Etc..

Join with MANDATORY registration.

For current projects and all the different categories of ship modeling in the club and photos of real boats :

  • Jacques 1904 river Seine tug,
  • Sails / steam boats,
  • Electric powered boats.

And also :

  • R/C frequencies in France ,
  • Naval signal code ,
  • Etc....

For photos, films of competitions where the club members are involved, and usually with success :

  • FFMN France championships
  • America Cup - AC20
  • Etc..

For photos of our models (and those of our friends) during the friendly competition and other demonstrations organized by the club and those where the club is invited :

  • International model exhibit in Paris,
  • Old sailing and steam boats events (VAV),
  • Model building (sailboats, steam)
  • Etc..

In the next few pages, we will try to share our hobby with you, with models boats all unique.

See you soon, round the ponds at Cergy, (20 kms N.W. of Paris - France), with one model boat or more... :-)) .

Thanks for visiting us and come back soon...

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