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Photos of competitions now are on the page : page compet

You will find here :

  1. Pictures for some models boats...

  2. Pictures from different seasons at Cergy's Ponds, Near Paris - France.

The Pictures:


The monster's gallery...

All in photographs, some beautiful boats, others less...(you'll be judge), some big ones, others small.. other looking like boats (hopfully!!) other more difficult to identify (some UFO - Unidentified "Floatting" Objects..) and there's some..

To summerize, there should be for almost all the tastes... you just have to wait during the download of the pictures or the film.

The photographs were gathered by topic: click on the links below to reach the page of your interest. Please note that for the moment the translation is not complete for all pages, but most of them are photos pages, so you can easily understand...

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